January 2, 2005

iEmulator.com is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.7.0 of the iEmulator solution.

iEmulator 1.7.0 offers the following enhancements over version 1.6.0:
  • PC Configuration Window now shows the complete path to disk images
  • iEmulator Application now better supports multiple users and fast user switching
  • Internet / Network support can be switched on and off to support Macs that do not have a full-time connection to the Internet
  • iEmulator GUI Window automatically hides when an emulated PC is launched, and re-appears when the emulated PC is shut down
  • General bug fixes
  • More comprehensive documentation, including Windows 98, 2000 and XP specific installation procedures

iEmulator has caused an incredible stir in the Macintosh community; people have been amazed to see that a full-featured PC emulator, complete with professional customer support can be sold for so little. We are extremely thankful to the Mac community for their support!

Please contact info@iemulator.com for further information.

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